Try This Love EP - 2016

Fly to the Sun (Solo Acoustic EP) - 2015


Stay Gold, The Blackheart, Craft Pride, The Four Seasons, Lambert's, One-2-One Bar, Swan Dive, Guero's, The Rustic (Dallas and San Antonio), Hotel Emma (San Antonio), Ten Oak Bar, tELLERS, Seller's, Firehouse Lounge, Speakeasy, CU 29 Bar



For Scott, passion is the only thing worth pursuing. A magnetic, soulful personality who will quickly make your table the loudest in the bar the minute he sits down, Scott started playing guitar when he was young when he got a hand-me-down guitar from his older brother in Houston, TX. Banging out the same three chords and wailing in his room helped Scott hone the raw passion that he sings with today. 

Scott linked up with like minded musicians to create a project intent on expanding the sound of Scott’s singer/songwriter abilities. Whether it's the jazz keys of Jon Sass, the funky lines of Bassist Adam Prado, or the fluid rhythms of drummer Adam Klaybor, the group provides a lush soundscape necessary to complete the funky acoustic jazz-rock vibe Scott had set out to achieve. 

After circulating the Austin music scene, the band took time to regroup and write new material; the first material written by the band as one living organism. The songwriting process could only be described as emerging from the jam session, polished at home, and evolving over time. In late 2015, the band recorded the 4-track Try This Love EP at Toy Car Studios under the expert guidance of producer Benjamin Alan Levy. This EP represents some of the band’s finest works, and is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the diverse styles the band is capable of.

With a sound some have described as “Paul Simon dancing in MC Hammer pants” and “the 3 AM jam session of Dave Matthews and Bill Withers”, the Scott Strickland Band forges ahead on a new path; a sound unheard in today’s musical lexicon. It is a sound mature and textured, yet playfully improvised enough to have the listener intently wonder where the work is going next. Where the band is going next, well, you'll just have to keep listening and dancing your ass off.